Spring / Summer's here!

Here's the Amsterdam planning for May and June of 2022. It's a lovely time with trips outside of Amsterdam. (Yes, there's a whole world outside of Amsterdam, you're not gonna believe it!)

We're going to skate 010 @roff_n_roll
@pleinratten @save.museum.park

We're going for a breezy boardwalk dancing session at the beach in Scheveningen, together with our friends @thehaguelongboarding @truesupplies
(spoiler alert: there's going to be a drone pilot @guillaume.bassem there. So dress up!) 🚁🎥

We're also going to skate the world's longest rainbow cycling path, together with our close friends from @lgcnetherlands and @longboardgirlscrew. Bring your pride flag! 🏳️‍🌈

Lastly: for those into pumptrack action: Saturday 25 June we're going to Skatepark Ypenburg in The Hague. Bring your short deck and let's get pumping! 🙏

As always: If it's shit 🌧️ we're in our amazing garage in Amsterdam.

Start: from 13.00h / 1.00 pm

See you!
Love, Matthijs


Reposted from Instagram channel: @longboarding.amsterrdam

Arto Rohde